“High standards in uniform are indicative of the high standards that we promote at our school. Our uniform is part of our school identity and motto, uniting our pupils and we hope that they enjoy wearing it.”

At Badger Hill Primary School, in conjunction with Pathfinder Multi-Academy Trust, we aim to provide the most cost effective uniform for our families. We have made a  commitment to:

  • Assess the overall cost implications including assessing the impact variations in uniform can have
  • Avoid frequent changes
  • Consider how costs affect different groups of pupils
  • Engage with parents and pupils when reviewing our uniform
  • Negating additional uniform for extra-curricular activities
  • Engage with uniform suppliers to secure good value for money

Branded uniform (if desired) is obtainable from Keal Teamwear Ltd, 105 Walmgate, York, YO1 9UA, Telephone 01904 624497, www.keal-teamwear.com.

Please label all items to ensure that your child’s clothing can easily be identified.

The uniform required at Badger Hill Primary School is as follows:
 Grey skirt, pinafore dress, shorts or trousers (jeans, leggings, combats, track suit
bottoms or hot pants are not permitted)
 Green summer gingham school dress
 White/bottle green polo t-shirt (logo optional)
 Bottle Green sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan (logo optional)
 Sturdy, black or dark flat shoes/boots (no knee high boots please or buckles or
embellishments on boots)

PE Kit
 Plain Black sports shorts
 Plain white t-shirt or School PE Shirt with logo
 Trainers for both indoor and outdoor activity
 Track suit for outdoor PE (this should be black bottoms and top)

Other uniform requirements:
A suitable coat or jacket (weather dependent)
Sun hat (weather dependent)
A small bag (ideally with a hook to hang on a peg)
Book bags -optional (EYFS and KS1 only)

Jewellery-a small pair of stud earrings which MUST be removed for PE (no tape or plasters can be used).  Children will not be permitted to participate in PE lessons if they are unable to remove their earrings. Piercings should be done at the beginning of the summer holidays to allow time for healing. However, at the teacher’s discretion, and after risk assessing the nature of the lesson, for exceptional circumstances, a pupil may be given permission to tape their stud earrings for the duration of the lesson.   No other jewellery expect for a suitable watch may be worn in school.

Hair-all hair styles should be deemed suitable for school. This would include no
colouring of hair including glitter or extensions.
Where possible we would encourage medium to long hair to be tied with a plain
bobble. Hair bands should be simple in design and not included and kind of
ears/character design.

Nails-acrylic and false nails are not permitted in school. Nail varnish should not be

Seasonal Uniform
All of our uniform can be worn throughout the year although it is more common for
gingham dresses to be worn between April and September.

Uniform Branding
There is no requirement to purchase the branded uniform. Unbranded uniform is
available at most supermarkets and other high street stores.

School is always willing to support with uniform in a range of different ways. This
 Supplying uniform to those that have forgotten items, especially PE kits
 Regularly offering uniform exchanges of pre used uniform
 School hold a stock of pre worn uniform which we are always happy to share
with families (please ask at the school office)
 Support for those families who are pupil premium (this may include
purchasing uniform)

Badger Hill Uniform Order Form