Badger Hill Primary School is committed to providing a welcoming environment where every child is valued and given opportunities to flourish. Trust between school and families is very important to us and we seek to work with and support you in creating good attendance and punctuality, in order for pupils to achieve their true potential. Staff at Badger Hill will do all that we can to ensure that all pupils attend school to their fullest and that any barriers to full attendance are identified and acted upon as soon as possible.

Attendance at Badger Hill primary School

Why does it matter?

When a child’s attendance is good, their experience of school is more positive. They are able to make firm friendships, remain in strong and familiar routines and access the full curriculum. This makes children feel safe and secure. Happy children learn well and achieve success. Attendance at Badger Hill remains a priority.


Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly. We expect children to aim for 100% attendance at school. However, we also understand that there are times when a child will be ill and may be absent. If a child’s attendance drops below 90%, they will fall into our fast-track system. This can be if it is authorised or not. Please see our policy for more information.

Letting us know

Of course, we understand that your child may need to be absent due to illness or another circumstance but you must call or email to let us know (01904 806480 or Otherwise, we can not authorise the absence and we would need to call you, send an email or make a home visit to check everything was ok.

Medical appointments

We understand that children have medical appointments but we encourage these to be taken outside of school hours. In order for us to authorise the medical appointment, the office staff would need to see the letter or text message with the date and time of the appointment. If the child is well enough, it is expected that your child attends school before and/or after the appointment.


Holidays taken in term time will only ever be authorised with exceptional circumstances. If you wish to take your child out for a holiday, we ask that you are honest and ask the office for a leave of absence form which will need to be completed with the reasons why. Where holidays are taken and not authorised, penalty notices may be issued inline with CYC policy.

How do we celebrate?

Every week, in our celebration assembly, we give the class with the highest attendance that week a certificate and ‘Billy Bob’ our school mascot joins them for the week, in their classroom. The class with the highest overall attendance for the term gains a ‘Golden ticket’ which could be an extra playtime or popcorn with a movie!

If you are struggling to improve your child’s attendance, please contact your child’s class teacher or a member of the leadership team who will provide strategies to support you to get back on track.

Attendance Policy

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