Together we will grow

  • Pupil’s outcomes and achievements are key to the successful growth of the school. Children’s needs are central to all we do and we stand at the heart of the community. We offer a child-centred approach to learning for all at Badger Hill helping them to be driven by ambition. We have no ceiling on our achievements- we aim high.
  • At Badger Hill we are constantly moving forward, learning and growing from all that we do. As part of our journey we are committed to a positive mind set approach where we embrace ‘the power of yet’. Everyone grows as there are no limits to our learning. We don’t limit the challenge-we challenge the limits.
  • Team work and a shared responsibility for all is key to our success. Honesty and trust are essential at Badger Hill enabling us to be supportive yet offer opportunity for challenge.
  • We offer everyone exciting opportunities to learn through a vibrant curriculum, stimulating learning environments and positive learning behaviours. We love to learn at Badger Hill.
  • We are proud of Badger Hill and all our school has to offer. We embrace our uniqueness and celebrate Badger Hill at every opportunity. As part of Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust we thrive and grow amongst our family of schools- sharing and learning from good practice across the trust.