The Sports Premium was introduced in September 2013 and is allocated to schools to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in Primary Schools. The premium is approximately £8,000 plus £5 per pupil, each year for two years.

The Sports Premium is clearly identifiable in the school budget and it is left to the discretion of the school to decide how best to use this funding.


At Badger Hill Primary School we are committed to encouraging our children to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. We provide a variety of activities across the wider school curriculum which:

  • Encourages enjoyment and participation in sports activities
  • Develops a range of sports skills
  • Teaches children about fair play, co-operation, competition and team work
  • Teaches children the importance of healthy eating and exercise

We have used the funding to engage with specialist partners and also have close links with Archbishop Holgate’s School and shared partnerships with local schools. Through their services we can access a range of activities and opportunities to further enhance sporting capacity within our school. These include:

  • Teacher CPD opportunities – specialist coaching in P.E. lessons throughout the year with the Coach leading the lesson and the teacher observing/team teaching to develop their own skills. The Coach provides copies of lesson plans for school staff.
  • After School Sports Activities – A Specialist Coach and teachers lead after school and lunchtime sporting activities to encourage children to take part in structured physical activity/sport in their own time, to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and to support positive play.
  • Swimming Lessons – children attend swimming lessons at the local secondary school, Archbishop Holgate’s. It provides children with a level of fitness and an understanding of water sports.
  • The children attend organised tournaments held at Archbishop Holgate’s School and across the Cluster and City of York both after school and during the school day. The funding facilitates staff to accompany the children and work alongside colleagues to learn new skills to enhance the PE provision.

The school also uses the funding to purchase sports equipment.

The school has introduced the Golden Mile initiativ(during the summer term) and encourages all the children to participate in the activities. This will help them build up their fitness and be able to identify for themselves how much they are progressing.

All children undertake Physical Education lessons as part of the weekly timetable.  These sessions are led by a specialist sports coach and class teachers.

In addition, all children are encouraged to take part in the School’s annual Sport’s Day. This provides a safe environment for the children to experience healthy competition. It also provides an opportunity for Parents to observe their children’s progress in the hope that Parent’s will continue to encourage their children to develop a healthier lifestyle.


PE sports premium document 2019 – 2021

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