What do we believe at Badger Hill?

We believe that all children need to be equipped with a range of skills which prepare them for their own journey through life. Through our PSHE curriculum we support children to become fully fledged citizens of an ever-changing modern world. We encourage children to be aware of their emotional, social and physical needs and how they may affect their relationship with others.

How do we achieve in PSHE at Badger Hill?

We would achieve in PSHE by offering all children a layered curriculum which is full of opportunities for them to learn about the world around them. Our curriculum will revisit a series of key themes which will then be built upon throughout a child’s journey in school.

We create lots of opportunities to enjoy and exhibit our PSHE skills and learning

We encourage children to use the skills they have learnt in PSHE in all aspects of their school life and we also love to share with parents and community. As a school we celebrate our skills of empathy, communication and emotional awareness with an array of whole school events such as World Book Day, Languages Day and Anti Bullying Week.

We create well rounded citizens with a sense of empathy for their surroundings and who are well prepared for the 21st century. This allows them to enjoy the wonderful world which is waiting for them!