We offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children regardless of their starting points. We embrace diversity at Badger Hill and set high aspirations for all children. They set themselves no limits and throughout their curriculum experiences they build a layered set of skills leading to a deepening breadth of knowledge.

Whole School Experience

Each year Badger Hill Primary will choose a theme/topic which links to our values and vision. This will be a whole school focus for the year and will involve different experiences/events across the school year.

Achieve, Believe and Create Experiences

Each child will experience the following throughout the year at Badger Hill Primary:

  • An ignite, reawakening and celebration event as part of each term
  • An experience with the Theatre Royal as part of our partnership
  • ABC days –which link back to our values of achieve, believe, create
  • At least two educational visits a year
  • Regular visitors into school or opportunities to visit our wider community

Core Experiences

Each child will experience the following through quality first teaching:

  • Access to whole school themes 3 times per year
  • Quality first teaching through a well-planned skills and knowledge driven curriculum

Unique Experiences

Each child has the opportunity to experience the following through their journey at Badger Hill Primary:

  • Access to range of extra-curricular clubs
  • A residential visit
  • Young Voices
  • Young Leaders awards in KS1 and KS2
  • A range of sporting events and competitions

Topics for 2020/21

Spring Term

A wonderful world

Summer Term

Leading the way – a chance to explore inspirational leaders past and present and look at how they have impacted on our future. What makes a good leader and how can we contribute/impact on the wider world.